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A portion of the proceeds from t-shirt sales will support this and other entomology programs for the K-12 classroom. Thank you for shopping with us!

Teachers Workbook

The workbook is nearing completion and should be ready for purchase soon. If you would like to receive notification when it becomes available, please contact us.


The black t-shirt features a logo on the front. The design is based on the Maggot Art„ painting, "Spanish Dancer".

Youth, Black T-Shirt - $14.00
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Ladies, Black T-Shirt - $18.00
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Adult, Black T-Shirt - $15.00

The white t-shirt features our web address on the front left side, and an actual Maggot Art„ painting on the back. Roll over an image to see the design on the back.

Youth, White T-Shirt - $14.00
Select Size:
Ladies, White T-Shirt - $18.00
Select Size
Adult, White T-Shirt - $16.00

Maggots, Supply Kits, and Miscellaneous...

Come back soon, as we will be adding new items periodically. We have received requests for art prints, greeting cards, Maggot Art„ supply kits, and even mail-order maggots. Please let us know what you would like to see, and we will try to make it happen!